The Asian Eco Tours team is a group of people passionate about conservation, promoting ecotours, and impacting the world of natural history.
As one of the world’s top private companies, headed by Mohit Aggarwal and Iqbal Ahmad, working for wildlife tourism, Asian Adventures attracts experts from genres all across the world.

Today our team comes from 60+ countries and counting. In addition, our unique model of this portal will cause remarkable growth and wellbeing for wildlife of this planet. Learn more about our activities as you browse through this portal.

Asian Eco Tours works towards responsible Holidays and Tours to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, Education is meant to be inclusive of both naturalists and guests. The Wellbeing and Wildlife connections are a big part of our culture. 'Work' at Asian Eco Tours is not just about getting great products out, it's about using these own products to creating and positive change


Asian Eco Tours only carries conservation sensitive eco tours & community tourism, which we provide to you at the most affordable price anywhere in the world.
Each experience we offer goes through rigorous methods of ascertaining that the tour 'gives back' before landing on the bucket list. 

Some of Asia's best ecotourism immersive holidays include birdwatching, wildlife viewing, rural community projects, and more...

We do everything possible to keep the most competitive prices available, which is why so many of our customers keep coming back. We work directly with ecotourism practitioners, taking the middleman out of the equation and offering you fair prices for the experiences you choose.

Additionally, all of our tours are 100% handcrafted and customizable


Meet Our Team

Influencers & Experts

Gaurav Nalkur  (Naturalist)

Gaurav Nalkur (Naturalist)
Mahendra Singh (Naturalist)

Mahendra Singh (Naturalist)
Deepak Kumar (Naturalist)

Deepak Kumar (Naturalist)
Mahesh Rajpoot (Naturalist)

Mahesh Rajpoot (Naturalist)
Shyam Sharma (Naturalist)

Shyam Sharma (Naturalist)
Iqbal Ahmad  (COO)

Iqbal Ahmad (COO)
Srishti Singh  (Consultant)


Srishti Singh (Consultant)
Priya Bhalla  (Strategist)

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Priya Bhalla (Strategist)
Nihar Sharma  (Influencer)

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Nihar Sharma (Influencer)